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Sunday, March 7, 2010

wedding bells everywhere!

But not for me...not even close *sigh*

Yes, wedding bells are ringing for my especially close and blushing friends. It's the loudest ring going on Dubai and everywhere today. Oh My! What a grand!

Everyone seems to be busy planning for a perfect and dream wedding.
Paragraphs of excitement, needless to say. But ahaiiiz, it makes me figure and ask myself, will I always be a bridesmaid?!?
Oh Lord, please no! Of course I want to get married too.
Please swear to me...one day I will! *wink*

Now ladies and gents,meet the lovely brides and grooms-to-be!

manay and her honeybunch teban---come April!

the censored sweeties---come April too!

shining balagcha and her shining payos---anytime within the year

pamyoks and her rockstar russ---come January 2011

Congratulation friends and cheeeeers!!!


Pamsoy said...

uyy pagka hanggaw.. thanks for the feature bwahha patay ka ni mariano do. but im sure ikaw nasad sunod... next year hehe

nELayts said...

waaaa.kabalo na cya hanggaw.haha.
para sure, hand me over ur bouquet nlng hap:-))

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