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Thursday, March 4, 2010

malaknit beach

It's the newest of Salug, my always-so-beloved town!

Malaknit used to be popular more as a fishing zone than a beach resort and now becomes a combination of the two, with the newest beach resort soo uniquely architectured and brought into existence---Malaknit Beach Resort!

Right the time (first) I saw it, I fell in love with the sirenic beach house and the cozy cottages. I was dawdling and rolling my eyes like "Ohhh nice...Nice! (insert my shock and awe)...there is no longer the shitty smell all over...WOoooOW! Come on, let's take photos".

And so, we did the photoshoot! 

This way to the beautiful beach house!

a closer look...featuring paeng!

the cottages!

the scenic space plus the horse plus smiling Arlan!

finally, the beach!

and more else from the second visit:-)


Pamsoy said...

uyy ug nganu wala ka pic sa malaknit ug si paeng man ni??

Pamsoy said...

ay naa d ay, ni kagar akong laptop, si paeng akong nakit an hehe

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