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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

test after test

A week after I came back from vacation---

I had this cramp-like pain episodes, 10 times worse that period cramps, in my lower abdomen and later on ran through my tummy. It was bad. Like very very bad. I didn't take any pain killer meds 'cause I have never liked medicines ever. Never EVER! Either I spit them out or throw them up.

I could barely walk, sit, roll off the bed, lift, stretch, and laugh even. There was this cramping with bowel movements too. I left thinking OK like I was having that wait-and-see attitude until it scared me to death that I had to rush to a doctor one day. Thanks to Belen's boyfriend and Eli for lending me some money, by the way.

23rd Jan. 2010---Initial Check-up
Dr. Adnan Abuhammour
Abuhammour Medical Center

Freaked and so feeling awful, I went to a gastroenterology specialist. After a Q&A of my general health, previous medical history, my complaint in detail, and a general physical examination, the doctor didn't seem to find anything wrong in my tummy. Test after test like Urine Analysis, Complete Blood Count and ESR were done. All the doctor said after was, "there's a possibility of cyst inside---maybe in your ovary but don't worry. Let's see". Hughhh?!?!...Cyssst?!?!?!?!...Ovarrrrry?!?!?. Ohhh Heavens!Teary-eyed, I asked "Will I be okay, doc?" Of course, the doctor is suppose to give me comfort so he must say "yes, dear" I thought. But he answered, "We'll see. You will have to go through an abdominal ultrasound *patting my back*". I composed myself, for all those tension and thirtyness-hormone mega worries. Then, off I went. I felt like breaking down. Thanks to Belen (a roomate) and the boyfriend, they were there with me.

24th Jan, 2010---
Pelvis Sonographic Examination
Allied Diagnostics

Asked to do so, I took off my bottoms and lie face-up on a bed. The first question she asked me was, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?". I said "Oh God I'd love to get prego but am so sure am not.*lol*". Then she began putting some kind of a gel and went on pressing again and again that 'something' (i dunno what it's called) against my lower abdomen and I was looking at the computer screen like I was waiting to see what's really inside my tummy that's freaking the hell out of me---of course not a baby! Nothing discomfort whatsoever until she wiped off the gel and said "Now, put your knees up, legs open, and relax". Whewww! *panicked face*. Then followed an insertion of 'some-long-thing' inside my poonany. She called it transvaginal, anyway. My face was more like OMGeee WTf***?!?!. I was a bit uncomfy and the probing was painful. And the tech's stirring last words, "You have a cyst in your right ovary. Not a worrying cyst though. It ruptured kaya sobrang masakit". Cyst Confirmed!!!

The diagnosis: Right Ovarian Hymorrhagic Cyst/Endometrioma

31st Jan. 2010---Ob/Gyn Consultation
Dr. Munima Habib
Belhoul European Hospital

Further recommended, I went to see an Ob/Gyn specialist taking my med reports with me. Question after question. Answer after answer. Have had every test again [CBC and Urine Analysis] except for High Vaginal Swab that's naaaaah...freaking me like a virgin again! Almost the same procedure with transvaginal (I suppose). It was a way too uncomfy and painful so that she said I've got soo much infections that she couldn't even carry on another pap test before it is healed. Hysterical, I asked "Will i have the chance to get pregnant, doc?". The answer was "Dont think about it right now. First thing, get married". Toinkz. Hahaha. I was like Oops,yeah.Yeah,right. But oh yes, I am real afraid of getting a slim chance to get prego from the diagnosis. Who wouldn't, btw? Now, her famous last words, "No sex at this point of time, my dear. Or if you do later on, make sure you use condom". hMMn...I'm glad I have no boyfriend then(in times like this, at least).

Now,am trying so hard to get all medicines down. Right down!
5 more faithful days of zinnat and I'll be good to get to another test.


Fatima said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! Was your gyne mad or what... You were asking her about any complication with future pregnancy and she is talking about having sex, condoms and what all not.

I tell you these wannabes they don't know what to with their patients... I have had similar experiances... Just stay from such freeks... Find some other good doc for yourself...

nELi. said...

Hi Fatima,

Shame! I've read your comment just today. It's about a year's delayed and I'm sorry.

You are right. She was mad like that. I didn't and will not ever go back to her, anyway.

Thanks! :)

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