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Monday, February 8, 2010

a little ally for a happy birthday!

First things first,
Meet the birthday gurl, everyone!

That's happy balagcha...doing the LIMBO ROCK? or dancing the POKER FACE? or what?! You figure. Haha. (pictures taken from her fb albums).

Being the good friend that I am, here's a birthday post to wish her, of the way I used to be, a hApPY biRThdAY today! Why? because this turning thir-uhmmn-ty thing is pretty grand! Oopps...did I just say thirty?'Lerrrr...I did not! I was not sure. Ahahaha. Okay, forget about the age. We don't mind it, yeah! We are always fabulous and oh-so standing tall, take-it-or-leave-it anyhoo *cough and cough* Annnnnd... the older we get the sexier we become, y'know! *flips hair with a gracious smile*

Well, enough of coughing and flipping hair *getting serious*, she's a friend indeed. Not only is a friend but a wonderful friend...for life! She's very generous with her attention and friendship and she's someone with a strong emotional intelligence too. She's always there for a laugh, an advice, or mental moments even. Wow this is like the second time i'm doing a birthday post for a dear friend, after emyat's. I hate to have missed posting for the January celebrants though---but at least I'm being fair-not even one of them has (pamyoks, chaiyiks, polatex and tinatinz)t.Oh-huh, this is good as posting for you guys now. *wink and wink*

Back to today's celebrant,

She's one of those friends I so love to be with. Friends that seldom see each other as often as possible but when got together, there's surely a bundle of laughter. We would quite end getting tummy aches from all the laughing. I still remember 1) the signing of slumbook she first made in our class, 2) the 'pamayabas' at the back of her uncle ben's house, 3) the omgeeee longest line I played so well, 4) the sneaking into their house for an overnight stay---how we drew lots for the 'crush ng barkada'.gosssh, 5) the mispronunciation of 'KJ' she corrected in me, 5) the tralalas of flowers of forever, 6) how we started calling 'shine' after one shampoo endorsement we figured we're making, 7) the ym chats---sharing about how juicilicious the papalicious of our lives and all the CLOUD 9 moments, 8) all the nursing times she did for me
and all the madness I soo miss. I so giggle just thinking about those times.

Other than her nursing and medical expertise, she's spectacularly gifted. She's a very good writer. And she's a huge reader. Bury her face in books and she'll be fine, I swear! No wonder she's intelligent far more than us (in all honesty people!)

Well well well...bottom line is she deserves everything her dear heart desires to keep her shining. And oh she's got the best birthday present ever, btw. She's gifted with a little ally. *envious thoughts*And that is why I titled this post *see above*.

So here is to another birthday, another year heavier (oops.haha), another year wiser and another year blessed with amor. Sure amor will be ready for some ninang and ninong loving when she sees the world... Happy Birthday, shine!. Hope today brings you MUCHO fun!

We luv ya and that little ally of course. *mucho hugs*

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