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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

trying hard to cook!

My friends have always been laughing at my cooking. Disaster, it may be!

But trying hard, I do so. Oh yeahh, I really do. Absogoddamnlutely!*smiles*

Oftentimes, i find it like beast of burdens figuring out what to make for dinner everytime i come home. My roomie is a good cook. I eat with her. I eat a lot. And I can't just eat all the time without paying a turn much that I wanted to. Ahaha. 
Cheeky! and that's soo abso-nOt-ly me!

So, I always try!

Ask me what goes together well?!? Ah-duh, easy!!!*devilish laugh*
What's so hard nuh?lerrrr... just google and see!!! Ahahaha

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