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Sunday, November 1, 2009

feeling holloween!

Hollow on halloween, I call it feeling hollow-een!
It isn't sort of creepy. No. Not!

The feeling just gets to me sometimes. Times when my mind wanders things...too much even. Feelings like,

1) there isn't no substance in my life and I'm all alone (kadramahan, that is!)
2) theres nothing to look forward when I am so-so and oh-so like under specific time pressures. Ahaiiiz!
3) i want to change something about myself up a bit but can't figure. *conFused* mode
4) i need 'happy' pills to feel happy everyday.uh-hmm!
5) i want to clear my empty head (ironic, i know) and oh well,
6) how's a halloween celebration like today?, I figure...
Happy Halloween!, anyway.

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