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Saturday, October 10, 2009

we walked for life!

Yes, we did. We walked for a cause. We walked for the victims of typhoon 'Ondoy' back in our homeland.

It, really, is innate for people to want to help even if sometimes they dont know how. Yesterday we knew how. To join the 'Walk for Life' was it. We thought it's a little way of helping our compatriots. Little because we only had to pay the registration of 50dirhams. I felt so compelled to come. Maybe because I have two friends out in Marikina whose apartment was almost underwater too. I so understand how they felt like moving from a rooftop on to another---hanging on for dear life, how their things were swept away and how they got emotionally drained. They may not be in most need of financial support from other people right now, however, there are thousands of victims who are, unlike them, unfortunate enough to have no families somewhere to expect for some kinds of help and I mean help for a long run of recovery.

So there we went-front of the long queue. Kudos to the PBC. Kudos to Giordano and kudos to every kabayans too!

Fun. That's maybe how we've seen some people were having yesterday. Like us, we had fun too.


Funny! That's how we see ourselves appearing in the Gulf News today! I pasted it below, anyway.
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Thousands in Dubai take part in Philippines charity walk at Safa ParkBy Alice Johnson, Deputy UAE Editor
Last updated: October 09, 2009, 18:42

Dubai: More than Dh400,000 was raised on Friday at a charity walk to raise funds for those affected by the natural disasters in the Philippines.

The Filipino community was out in full force at the early morning Safa Park event - the Giothon Hakbang Buhay Walk for Life, which was buzzing with activity.

People brought their friends and families to show their support for the victims and the mood was a mix of celebration at the community coming together, and sombre recognition of the tragedy that has befallen their homeland and compatriots.

Almost two weeks of horrific storms have raised the death toll in the Philippines to more than 600, including an estimated 100 who died in landslides caused by the heavy rains.
Crowds sheltering in the shade of the park's leafy green trees were entertained by the United International Private School marching band, free Oasis water was distributed and supporter Western Union gave out free hats, bandannas and t-shirts.

Ian Calgon, 25, Filipino, a volunteer who works for Filipino company ABS-CBN, said: "This [walk] will help the relief groups a lot. I have family in the Philippines, but they don't live in Manila, so I'm here today to support my compatriots."

However, other members of Dubai's multicultural society also took part in support of the victims. Leah James, British, and Brett Meadway, South African, have both been living in Dubai for two years. "We have a lot of Filipino staff in our company [Better Homes], so we're walking for them. We want to show our support for them in any way we can...The walk is a fantastic event for the whole community," James said.
Approximately 8,000 people took part in the walk, according to Lucille Ong, Chairperson, Philippine Business Council.

"It went very, very well, better than expected. We ran out of t-shirts and giveaways, but people still came and donated money and took part, which was the aim. It was also good to see friends and colleagues who are non-Filipinos in the crowd," she said.
The exact amount raised will be announced early next week, when it has been counted.

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