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Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 'The Bar' Day Myat!

So has time gone like supersonic or are we just getting old? Nyahaha!

Today is my friend Emma's nth birthday. Think I am smarter than to create and complete one algebraic equation for that. I didn't use [blank]birthday either because i know I am smarter than to fill in the blank too. *Wink*.

She's one of those friends I aspire to be like, in case she doesn't know. How she doesn't stew in her unhappiness, I soo admire. How she gets wild and rock the world at times, she's got my two thumbs up and of course how she stands out amazingly in several genres, I salute!

Many happy returns and smiles and fantasies and realities and greatness and blah-blahhs (afraid I might not end the and-and's here). I hope she never worries of her age. Or else, I'mma be worrying mine too. I am weeks older than her, I know.

Anyhoo, am sorry I am unable to give her a gift today. But hey the video here is something I think is just as good as one. Haha. They're hot (hmm...pardon me if they're not just as damn hot as I suppose she imagines though), young and good looking males singing right for her! Wahehe.

Anyways, happy birthday my friend! Keep dreaming. The best is yet to come. Mwahhhugsss

Friday, August 7, 2009

the twilight saga

I, maybe, am the last person to read these books here. Okay, I know. Had I not seen the movie, I wouldn't have had the interest. I blame it to my friend. She's got me hooked.

Now i officially start to read. The goal is to read them all (some pressure am putting myself,kind of). But yes I will. I promise. At least I have all the books linked here. Good thing is, I can't seem to drop my eyes off now. Unlikely, it is. Hmm...a good sign, I believe though. Since when did I start to read? Well, just tonight! Haha.

Blessed be tonight and the coming sleepless nights :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Man! This is soo awesome that I can't seem to get over watching. I so-so and oh-so love. 
Just the BEST!!!

Now am starting to dream on...
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