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Saturday, July 25, 2009

29 tales of my twenty-something

Now that I only have a day left of being that twenty-something (29, if I shouldn’t say it the youthful and sexy way), I thought of writing 29 tALes of my twenty-something.


1) Alas! I graduated from college in 2001. Funny how they said “After five years of cheating, we graduated engineering” Nyahaha. Oh-so youthful twenty-one-ness!

2) How I landed a job with my first employer. The year I walked the ISO walk. I had my first domestic flight working here (I note to remember). I was committed to one QMS auditing or another but NCR’s were hardly closed. Disaster! Madz and CL---Always the best buddies I so miss. CL---The smart and oh-so good man and a little secret to divulge here, my super ideal man. He’d girlfriended an officemate until they broke up and we became best and pretty open friends. Later on something about his being kind of sweet protector-ish that I became his secret fancier-slash-lover of sorts. I had no guts to show so of course I had to pretend forever and a day.

3) Until a high school reunion had gotten me JY as first boyfriend that lasted 4 longsome tangle. Sure wasn’t a pie-in-the-sky. No, NO! Yes, I was happy the early years but it wasn’t a wonderful world at all. Although I could never ask for a better mushy moments memory. It had some limits, anyway. I still went out with Madz and CL at some point of time. CL was kind of very disapproving that he wanted me to end up my relationship with JY and sure there was a little part of me, however daydreaming, that obviously got high-spirited and beamed to a thought of maybe he was jealous. I hope everyone understands the feeling.

4) Leaving my first job and joining the second. Work was fine. Salary was better. Gladly, CL still phoned me every once in a while which, in all honesty, kept my mood light and all right. It was kind of cruel that my mind was set up to “live with my pretention” until such time I didn’t hear from him anymore and pretending was a bit of a lie when I had a hard time keeping my mouth in check from Madz. All she said after telling then was, “Ambot ninyong duha” when I thought she’d spare me all her shocks and make fun of it. Maybe she knew it all the while because she’s smart enough. Anyways, there were a lot of personal goings-on (with JY, for the most part over the years) to run-down here but life is a way too short to tell horrible stories so I guess I’d better let bygones be bygones to this day. All I could think about was leaving just in perfect time my sister invited me to a visit visa to Dubai. I sure prayed for everything and Dear God was really good to me. All the time, I'd say. I have to especially thank my work superior (then) and so as the President and CEO for bearing with my personal downsides. Even I get exhausted thinking back the ravages of time.

5) My twenty-six-tivity was a year of flying the coop. An escape in a way I could hardly tell. I had to leave my second job, however good opportunity was offered, where I worked for a little over four years to come to Dubai. There was something freeing my headspace about leaving. I don’t have in mind the exact word to describe but it was a feeling of completely GOING. I felt free and it felt good.

6) A month (close to 2) of living with an eldest sister in Abu Dhabi whom I have never stayed since my 4th grade-the time she left Philippines for UAE, when she had to work for us. I’ll be honest; I had (still have) difficulty dealing personal matters with her. I understand what an eldest sister playing the role of a mother-and-father figure most in her life is like and I know some hard times she went through. I got that she wanted only what’s best for me but I sure have a 100% balance (half-joke) between good and bad things to take care of myself too. I may not know a lot in the grand scheme of life but I have been in most things me so that I didn’t want her to nag me about the little things and tell me like do-this-and-do-that to the smallest details. In college, I lived alone and I worked while I studied hard. Not that I’m saying I didn’t depend on my family-I know I did. Nor that I’m saying I’m always right–I know I’m not. I have no control over everything but I wanted her, at least, to spare me the “I trust you” kind of thing. I seem to have no patience with her and how dare me, I know. I love my sister but I just want her to trust me, really.

7) Living alone in Dubai--- After almost 2 months, I finally got employed with ADPS and yes, away from my sister. Fairly good so I won’t be too hard on her. But okay, my work called for that. I hopped and stayed among the places of Satwa, OPC Area. Hor Al Anz and New Consulate Area. It was also then when my relationship with JY was blessed to be over. It was the best thing for the both of us. Best in many reasons. Best in many ways.

8) Every so often, I’d think about CL and I’m going straight to the point now, I miss him to this day. So please bear with me for the next story telling. Hee.hee.

One day, to my bit of a shock, I have got an email from him telling me like Madz gave him my email address and that he just wanted to say, at least, hello. What a beautiful surprise! Imagine the twinkle in my eye. So, we talked in emails. Some weeks later, Madz told me CL was confined for a minor operation and that I should give him a call. Instantly, of course, I did. Only to know he and the once-ex-gf officemate got back together and, worse yet, she was there beside him while we’re talking. I hated it when I couldn’t even excuse for a little pause while catching my breath there and then because like I have always been doing good at, I pretended I heard no-big-deal although inside it was quite a punch-in-my-face that I so wanted to collapse. Shame! There’s always a sinking in moment and from that point on, I tried forgetting CL. Okay, so much of CL for this post.

9) Friends came on 2007. Tina, Chayiks and Pamsoy. Pamsoy, by the way, is never a college friend. I knew her from Chayiks. Once a very fine young woman. Real fine. I mean fine when she speaks real English in real soft-spoken words. But sorry mother Felz, she’s got real HANGGAW and oh-so BISDAK now. Hahaha. Luv u Pamyoks!

10) Some funny things working with ADPS. There was this boss who I couldn’t just care less and somehow it gave me some AHA moments. Just so you’d know, I have a strong attraction tendency to a guy without a minute on his tough side but gentlemanly compelling and surprisingly sweet at times. So, you get it when I used to have this dialogue with friends:
Pamsoy/Chayix/Tina: Mumm, where’s Dad?
Myself (as the Mum): He’s busy at work honey. He’ll get home in a while, okay?

…and everyone laughed out loud.
Well, I was imagining an English-speaking family because I eventually liked my tough boss. He was supposed to be the dad. Ohh Em Geee!!!

11) Some freaky days in Abu Shagara. The next thing I knew, I’d gotten a new boyfriend [EW] from window-shopping with friends. How funny was the story. He wasn’t as his EW name suggests but a very good looking guy with a perfect masculine figure and all. He was that physically likeable, although it isn't the most thing I care about, and yes maybe I just got lucky. It took me couple date-along-with-friends before everything about going out with him went just fine and just the two of us (insert a deep sigh for a silly first thing I hadn't resisted and likely wish I could take back to my constrained box up to this day). Think of first interracial relationship and you'll figure why. All the headaching fights were headaching hard (as in, i couldn't really say 'HINAMPAK KA!' in English much that I wanted to) because my english is far from fluent. I sure had fun of sentence like 'Why like that?' everyday in a while. He was a jumble of pleasure and headache, wallah!

12) Meeting another friend, Pola, who’s got the same frequency of madness with us. Of course I remember how every miserable fight with the boyfriends(then) threw ourselves intoxicated with shots-to-the-bottom of tequila or bacardi and crying the girls thing out. Shocks. Passing out was a sense of relief  and yes, we were dangers to ourselves like that.

13) My friend, chayiks, recommended me to her company [FCE] for a job and with no second thoughts, I accepted the offer. I've got a 6-month UAE-MOL ban from cancellation of my employment with ADPS. With their refusal to give me the 'No Objection Certificate', there was no way to have the ban lifted.

14) The flying off to the Kish island of Iran. I had to fly every after 3 months in 6months time (twice, that was) until my employment visa was granted. Kish island is an exit point for expats in the UAE who want their visas renewed. Every travel was an experience in one way or another.

15) Day after day with EW turned rocky. One day I was delightful and the next day I was frustrated. Much like that. One time I was letting go and the next time he was making up. Months ticked by, from the very good weeks to the less good ones. OK, really bad was more like it. Until one day I decided (joke slightly intended but more of come-what-may) breaking up with him and to my little-to-no surprise he said "Okay, Fine". So there, we broke up and yes I must admit I got over him after a long,long while.

16) A friend, Pamsoy, broke-up with his soysoy at nearly a particular time too. To get our minds off of everything and to not pester on it, we'd rent a pool table for a couple hours until it had became a craze for us to head towards Sharjah City Center pretty much like day after day. Ahmed. Such a guy I met by chance in my first pool-room experience in Kish and I knew his face again the moment he entered the pool-junction in Sharjah City Center and bumped into us. What a bond. What a re-connection!

17) The years in Yarmouk. One thing I especially wouldn't forget was the fire breaking out in our next-door neighbor one late evening. We were living in the second floor of a 3-floor townbuilding with only 3 flats every floor so imagine us with terrible shock and worry that we would have burned to death. Yes, we hysterically cried and screamed to the comfort of fire crews ready to pull us out from the terrace over a ladder. That almost paralyzing moment will always stay in my mind. At first, we thought the fire was at one of the buildings nearby because we could only hear neighbors screaming "FIRRRRE", but it became apparent (to make the story shorter) that we were involved when the smoke billowed out of the closed door flat in the first floor just 10-step downstairs and quickly spread out of control and finding our way out was quite hard (brave the fire smoke, 2 friends did; stay at the terrace, 3 of us chose). The very good thing; nobody got hurt. We were checked over by the Ambulance team, anyway.

18) My being ‘lola’ to 2 kiddos. How dare of a niece and a nephew. Well, I don't seem to really mind because it doesn't feel like it at this time. Oops. Not that I'm in denial, but hellooo I'm just 29 (not until tomorrow lol). I hope they'll be brilliant with their kids, anyway. And I hope they'll come up with a good name to call me. Haha.

19) Seven goddamn credit cards. How I wish paying off everything as easy as 1-2-3 before I get 30. The clock is so ticking double time and look, don’t you think it’s possible? Whoa. Good luck! It's no joke that I'm having a mounting-credit-file today. I wish I could be myself again 5 years before. Sigh.

20) Not wanting to stuck longer than 48 years in Sharjah complaining a true-to-the-sense-of-word pain in the ass commute as cryptic as either 10 minutes or 2 hours, depending on the traffic, 2 friends and I decided shifting somewhere close to our pick up point in Satwa to keep for goodness our sanity. We don't want to pay a fortune for cab-rides through work in Jebel Ali everytime we miss the company vehicle. I don't mind having moved place for the seventh time within 3 years now because I was insanely sick and tired. Apologies to Pamyoks, who opted to stay; she has herself some good reasons though.

21) Moments of cheesin' with the smart F1-the imaginary and the hawty F2-the killer bee! They are some online savvy friends, by the way, and some boyfriend materials, maybe. It won't hurt to tell, will it?. Come on, they're so OUT there and I'm so IN here. Tsk.

22) I had a bad dose of chickenpox 4 months ago. It started from a mild case of a friend/room mate, Chayiks. I was untouchable and couldn't go out the room because I was a danger like hell. I had the blisters all over plus the high temperature everyday on the first week. I barely slept and wasn't healing fast. I was baaadly awwwful. It took like 4 weeks before I went back to work. I should have made an everyday post for that but I felt so miserable that there was no way I cared.

23) My 2008 great holiday. Simple pleasure with family and friends. 'T was a fun-filled and a picture-heavy holiday. I mostly had to eat, sleep, get up and go out with friends, come home and do the same thing the next day. Haha. I was itching to go out like non-stop nearly every day or every night.

24) A bad hair every day. I blame it to the manang of Mars and Venus. I actually want to bitch about her but it won't be good, i know. I was a regular customer and I would have given it hundred stars but because of my bad hair rebonding experience with her just recently, forget a single star until i don't see her face anymore. You don't want anyone to mess up like ending up with your hair burnt because the manang was so busy attending as many customers as possible to get as much tips as she could, right? She should have the conscience to pay half the charge. GrRR...

25) I've finally gotten my first laptop. It is HP Pavilion in all her glory and you would have figured by now that I am socially connected, my friends.

26) A computer wizard I am so into and been talking online for more than two months now *wink*. Saying I have a not-so-secret crush on him is an understatement while saying I'm a little bit hooked is most likely nearer the mark. Gosh! Oh, what is more typical and common about me than having an express fancy on anyone doing little sweet good things, at least? Easy neli, easy!

27) My 42 kls. weight today (putting on, by the way). Hurrrrayy!!!

28) Colleagues threw me an advance birthday party last night. A bottle of Bacardi was good enough to leave at 10:30. I didn't drink much, but I attributed that to the colleagues not having much breezers to get me knocked down. lol

29) Today, I write this post with obviously more than enough rambling on in my bed of 8 months, so thinking i have fallen in stupid love *eyes twinkling* and smiling the biggest smile my face can hold because I'm so feeling sexy. Yay me! Anyone please don't smile and laugh at me in pity. Hee.hee.

And, everyone, have a cheerful Saturday and say advance happy birthday to me! :)


JaMai said...

hahhahah wat an exciting years u got manay! bravo and hurrays to that! a new chapter in ur life has just started.. good luck! i hope u will soon meet someone who will give u playtime.. hahaha

Pamsoy said...

shoot. the revelation.. OMGeeee

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