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Monday, July 13, 2009

smart ass---what did i get?

Balling My Eyes Out---when I had the chance to snoop---got me a little smart-ey (at least for tonight). What did I get???


"Something destroyed what once was beautiful. I feel sad but I keep up the fake smiles and laughs. I never know until when..."
in Twitter


"Loooooooooong Pause. Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng Silence"
in Facebook

annnnd crying my heart out inside the bathroom. Awwwww!

But, still, i don't feel better. Perhaps, a first post might help. My friend, pamyoks, agreed somehow. This is to let out of something heartbreaking. Whew!

I remember I always tell my friend, chayiks, stalking won't help her get better. That's upright of me. What has become of my righteousness? *Sigh

I swear I'll be okay! *Sniff


Pamsoy said...

uy naunsa! wat a welcome entry to the writers' club haha

thats what love is.. payter.. if he only knew..

dont cry urself to sleep ha..

Pamsoy said...

f mohilak pa ka gaw, kay i post ko ning link sa FB waaaaaaaaaaa da da da

nELaYts said...

Oh.Please.Dont.Pamyoks.I said I'll be okay:(

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