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Sunday, July 19, 2009

a no-no shop friday!

Bored to tears for a long weekend, Chayiks came from Abudhabi and so did Pamyoks from Sharjah early on Friday.

I chatted while they slept a bit, until we all headed out towards Dubai Festival City mall for a sure-No-No shopping but a roaming about-come may a sandstorm be! Haha.

Who would think these ladies here got no more than 50 dirhams on their wallet, anyway?Opps.Shhh. Minus the taxi fare, the Fujiyama combo meal, a scoop of baskin-robbins ice cream delight, and a caramel pecanbon from cinnabon taken away--- ohh forget math ‘cause nobody knew it except us, anyhoo.

We window-shopped and did like (Havaianas, in particular),

Us: Do you have size 34 of this (yes, we knew about having no size 34 here long before)?
Saleslady: Oh no. We only have size 35 as the smallest here.

Us: Oh okay. *Sigh*

Haha. Man! That’s one tip of pretending  if you shop without money. Crazy, though.

But of course we didn’t leave without great pictures while enjoying picturesque views of the beautiful canal and waterfront walk. ‘Twas a pretty fun Friday, indeed!

After a lovely afternoon with the hanggaws, we returned back home and spent the remainder of the evening playing tong-its (of course!) until the wee hours. That’s no wonder! Annnd for the record, I won, by the way. Big HAHAHA!

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Pamsoy said...

mura sad ta naay kwarta sa atong mga porma sa.. hikhik hubog d ay..toink

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