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Sunday, July 26, 2009

if i were fifteen going on sixteen...

Surely I would have sniffed myself to sleep having no party today. But I am THIRTY. Or one metaphor, I have aged the brandy. No money. No party. But it's OKAY!

I have these birthday presents, anyway. Weee!*Plugging* Thanks to Polatex, Rose and a colleague for the gifts...for the happiest of birthday wishes from my family and the bestest of friends...and to Pamyoks who had her way of greeting me---an entry here, my-smitten-friend, i likey.*Waves*

I've got an international call, by the way. And that, people, is why I am so chirpy today. Ehem...ehem
Quoting Ahem "Special Person"...More ehems.

Right now I am lying on my bed while I write this, nibbling ferrero and enjoying my happy birthday until i drift off to sleep.

Happy Thirty to Me!


JaMai said...

wooweeeeeeee manay happy birthday to ya! churi no geps por u, ini nlang uli nmu dri ha.. hehehe mmmuuuaaaaahhhhhhh

cHaQee said...

Shine its a very HAPPY DAY FOR PRESENTS...being 30 isnt all that different from going on 30...hahaha so enjoy life...and live well...
K A M P A I!!!!

Pamsoy said...

estebat.. happy happy..

remember the bet.. u owe me an okay-okay this saturday.. becuase ur the special person of the special person hu called u on ur special day/

hay special.

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