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Thursday, July 23, 2009

crying for chocolates!

At work, that's what they said I am. And I'd say yes yes yes!

Oh well, why nooot? They're chocolates. Not weeds! Haha.

So then I got a bar of chocolate and a box of Korean sweets from two of our engineers who got back from Korea today morning. Weee. That's what they get for believing I am. Haha.
Lucky me!

Tenchuuuu guys.
I oh-so-love-love-love them and aaaal of you too! Mmmm-wah!

1 comment:

cHaQee said...

hey lucky you shine...
hmmm i wonder how korean sweets taste like...
share them w a stranger and win a friend?? hahahah i think you should do that...gets u a friend and saves some of ur teeth from cavities...hahaha
take care my friend

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