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Sunday, July 19, 2009

another sad friend...

The most generous of offers I gave to her last night was a ring (to the last negative fils of my phone credit). I hope she feels better when she wakes up today.

Most of the time it takes me quite a while to get out of my sad moods. But I hope not with my friend, Emz!

Things are good with you mam Emz. Very good, indeed! Cheer up! Everything will get alrighty with Chaqee besidey.*Huggs*


Pamsoy said...

estebat i uli na intawn ang na wrong sent na load uy

cHaQee said...

Wow shine...hahaha is that what i am?? do i brighten d room like that???
hey thanks for the vote of confidence...i wish i could carry the torch forever...and for me also...
m quite honored to be mentioned in such a way shine..hahaha gosh m beginning to blush...(as if id blush...)
Emz is doing alright on her own..she's a strong-willed person, m just here to pat her back when she loses some of her confidence...
FRIEND IN NEED...makes me a friend in deed...toinx
HOORAAHHH TO US...kampai!!!

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